Nicolas Clerides studied law in England and was called to the English Bar in 1977. He is a member of the Middle Temple (Inn) London and a practicing barrister and legal consultant in Cyprus since 1978. He is a senior partner in the Law Firm Lefkos Clerides and Sons established by his father, Lefkos Clerides in 1946. During his legal practice since 1977, he handled successfully some highly publicized and notorious cases, which have gained international attention, such as the following:

U.S. Government Application for Extradition of Mr. Jeffrey Kershaw 1994
Kershaw was a U.K. solicitor and under-cover agent of the City of London Police against whom the U.S. Federal Government issued an international warrant of arrest and petitioned to extradite and prosecute on alleged involvement in a case of mass fraud and conspiracy, concerning the sale of stolen government bonds in England, worth 292 million sterling.
The bonds were stolen by the I.R.A. during the biggest armed robbery in the history of London on May 2, 1990. Kershaw was arrested in New York and the FBI confiscated his passport but he managed to escape and come to Cyprus on September 2, 1993 where he was arrested at Larnaca airport following the U.S. Government’s petition for his extradition. The trial lasted for 10 months and there was a great volume of documentary evidence and lengthy cross-examination of witnesses all translated from Greek to English and vice versa. The Court, rejected the U.S. application and released Kershaw.
“The Times”, “The Guardian”, BBC and U.S. coverage.

The Police v.  Mc Avoy and J. Dickerson 1994
Charges of obtaining money by false pretences, and conspiracy to defraud. One of the most publicized fraud cases in Cyprus involving a great volume of documentary material, and lengthy proceedings. The trial was very publicized both in Cyprus and in the U.K., as many Cypriot well known firms and Hoteliers were the complainants against the two British financiers (venture capital promoters). Both accused were acquitted and found innocent to the charges.
The Republic of Cyprus v. Michael Andrew Flack and Paul Whybrow 1997.  The so called “Industrial Espionage” Case
Two English Detectives working for Bayer (Germany) were charged with burglary and stealing documents belonging to two Cypriot Pharmaceutical Companies, for the purpose of uncovering illegal infringement of patents belonging to Bayer. The two detectives were convicted to 18 months imprisonment, but were later released following a successful Appeal by their counsel Nicolas Clerides. “The Fortune magazine” (14 pages report story), “The Times” “The Observer”, BBC coverage.
Aremis Soft and Roys Poyiadjis
Mr Clerides has represented the interests of Roys Poyiadjis in Cyprus from 2001 till 2005, in relation to a U.S. Justice Department request to the Cyprus Legal Department to provide legal assistance by virtue of the “mutual legal assistance on criminal matters Treaty” between Cyprus and the U.S.A. The U.S. Justice Dpt and the S.E.C. charged R. Poyiadjis in the U.S. with various criminal charges for his alleged involvement in securities fraud and fraudulent misrepresentation in the reports filed by Aremis Soft, a Nasdaq, Corporation, which has raised a capital of $700 million in the U.S. Following a successful application to the Attorney General by Mr Clerides, R. Poyiadjis was granted immunity from prosecution, in Cyprus, and assisted the U.S. Authorities by giving evidence to uncover the fraudulent plot.
Finally, in 2005 Mr R. Poyiadjis, by virtue of his assistance and cooperation with the U.S. Authorities, succeeded to settle the case through his U.S. lawyers, Thomas Green and Brad Berenson, of Sidley Austin Law Firm. The settlement was characterized as one of the biggest in the history of the U.S. S.E.C., as it involved a sum of U.S. $200 million paid to the U.S. Authorities by R. Poyiadjis.

Mr Clerides has contributed to the writing of the “Commercial Laws of the world” by providing the relevant Cypriot Legislation text for this publication in 1985 (published by “Oceana Publications”). He wrote numerous political and legal articles in newspapers and magazines and he is currently writing an esoteric philosophical book entitled “The flying fish”.


  1. Due to his active interest and involvement in Environmental matters he has been appointed since 1996 as the chairman of the Environment Committee of the Cyprus Bar Association.
  2. The Russian Academy of Sciences has honoured him since 1977, for his contribution to the protection of the environment, with an honourary membership of the Academy.
  3. Currently a member of the Technical Committee on property issues of the National Council (an advisory body to the President of the Republic).

Nicolas Clerides, is the son of Lefkos Clerides a practicing barrister, who is regarded as the “patriarch” of the Lawyers in Cyprus. He established the Law office Lefkos Clerides and Sons in 1946, and later served as Minister of Justice and chairman of the Cyprus Bar Council for 15 years.
Nephew of the ex President of Cyprus, Mr Glafkos Clerides who served 10 years as President of the Republic, and is one of the most honourable personalities of Cyprus, having received international recognition.
His brother and ex-partner at the office of Lefkos Clerides and Sons, Costas Clerides was appointed as a Supreme Court Judge, as from the year 2009.
Mr George Syrimis (brother of his mother) and Mr Takis Clerides, his cousin, served as Minister of Finance of Cyprus for a number of years.
In December 2010, Professor Christoforos Pissarides (N. Clerides cousin), was awarded the Nobel Price of Economics, the first Cypriot to receive such International honours. 
Mr Petros Clerides, the current Attorney General of the Republic of Cyprus is also one of Mr N. Clerides cousins.  
Mr Clerides has as a first priority of his life to contribute towards the advancement of democratic values and human rights for all human beings in a healthy mind, body, and spirit environment. His main interests are poetry, music, philosophy and literature. He has been active in politics, representing the Cyprus European Party at the National Council (Political Advisory Body of the President of Cyprus). He is currently a member of the political committee of the Cyprus European party.
He is fluent in Greek, English and French.